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Profile of General Supervisor
Kenji Okubo

Mr. Kenji Ohkubo, a performer and marching instructor, will be the general supervisor of VDB.
He will also be in charge of explaining performance points and providing advice.

* Born in Tokushima, living in Hyogo

He encountered percussion and marching by joining the brass band in middle school.

(Sana Gouchi Middle School, Tokushima Commercial High School)

He moved to the US after high school and experienced DCI (Drum Corps International)

for three years as a percussion player (snare drum).

He was also a section leader of the drumline.

After that, he joined the start-up of “Core”, the professional drum group with marching percussion, and started the activities. He performed in events throughout the country, concerts,  exhibitions at schools, TV programs, and the national tours and large-scale live events of various artists

(Kenshi Yonezu, WagakkiBand, KARA, EXILE, UVERworld, etc.).

He also performed as a solo performer in many events like musicals and concerts and the events abroad in like Taiwan and Indonesia.

(He performed with Naoki Ishikawa, Koichi Domoto [Kinki Kids], etc.)

He appeared in 2019 Marching In Okayama as a solo guest player.

Regardless of domestic and abroad, he has also been teaching percussion and giving guidance to many organizations as an instructor and designer of marching. He also teaches performance to idles and artists.

In recent years, he goes to Asian countries to be a judge of marching events, hold lectures and workshops of percussion for its development and promotion. His teaching experience at DCI is 10 years.

He holds the positions of Official Instructor, Japan Marching Band Association, and Authorized Judge, Drum Corps Japan. He also serves as a lecturer in Japan.

He was also the first Japanese person who served as a director of a percussion section, which was unprecedented in the DCI organizations in the US.

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