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Let's aim to improve the level of individuals by entering each class!

You can participate according to your playing level!

Let's practice while watching the explanation video of the assignment score!

About the competition schedule [All times are JST].
Call for entries opens: April 1, 2022
Call for Participation Deadline: May 25, 2022
*Submission of performance video and payment of entry fee must be completed.
Competitive table review period: Wednesday, May 25, 2022

Participation Fee
Overseas participation: $8 PayPal payment

About the Prizes
Winner: Practice pad
Runner-up: Set of sticks & stick bag
Participation prize: VDB logo badge with the year of the event & advice comments


Google EntryForm

Method of competition (voting system)
◆About Preliminary Round (Voting period: 3 days)
Two players will be uploaded to the official VDB website as a match format.
Voting shall be one vote per person for each match.
The voting system shall be by tugboat.
The four semifinalists will be determined in order of the number of votes received among the three to nine preliminary matches.
◆Semifinals (Voting period: 3 days)
Conducted by the top 4 vote-getters of the qualifying results
◆Finals (Voting period: 3 days)
The two winners of the semi-finals with the highest number of votes advance to the finals

Please take pictures in landscape mode. 

It is also possible to hide your face with a stamp.

You can use your nickname to participate.

If you want to use a nickname, please let us know your real name and nickname.

Precautions when shooting.jpg

About sending entry videos 

URL for sending Dropbox files (sending entry videos)

You don't need a Dropbox account to send the file.

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