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VDB JAPAN (Virtual Dram Battle Japan) 2021 has ended with a total of 17,179 votes.
Thank you very much to all the players who participated in VDB, and to everyone who voted.
Thank you very much.
We hope that many people will receive information about VDB and enjoy it as a new way to enjoy percussion.
We hope that VDB will become a new way to enjoy percussion and a form of contest that people can get familiar with.

The next "Virtual Drum Battle 2022" is scheduled to be held in June 2022.
I hope that the COVID-19 infection will end as soon as possible. 

Let's see that excitement again! 
Watch the final match!

​Beginner Class Champion

Intermediate Class Champion

Elementary Class Champion

Intermediate+ Class​ Champion
Ms.Yu-Ying Chan

Advanced Class Champion
Ms. Ito

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